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2020 Gemini Lights

We’re proud to announce the 2020 range of Gemini Lights. These lights haven’t been released in the Northern Hemisphere yet (got to love a Kiwi winter!) but we have them here, right now. We see some big changes with the new lights, across the whole range.  NEW Titan 4000 OLED, Titan 2500 OLED, Duo 2200, Atlas and Juno and entirely new USB batteries and an optional GoPro mount (compatible with older Gemini lights). The Juno 100 Road, featured below, uses COB (Chip On Board) LEDs to creat...

August 15, 2019


We're very proud to announce we're now distributing CrampFix nationwide. This stuff is a game-changer!  What is CrampFix?Made in Australia, CrampFix contains all natural ingredients including; vinegar, salt, sugar, water, natural lemon flavour, magnesium, potassium, calcium. It also carries the Informed Sport tick. How do you use CrampFix?Simply drink or if preferred, just swirl around the inside of your mouth and discard. It’s safe to swallow but not necessary to work. Ask...

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